The Lightbulb Learning Management System

Our EdTech solutions and services, through the advent of technology, allow subject matter experts and trainers to reach and teach any user regardless of geographic location. Our mission is to provide quality, innovative and result-orientated teaching and training services.

What is Lightbulb?

Digital Learning

Gain online access to course/curriculum designed content: videos, audio, worksheets and interactive content

Interact with tutors and peers

Post online the problems or concepts that have you confused on the Q/A forum or Live Chat. Use collaborative documents and whiteboards during video/audio calls.

Online workshops and assessments

Attempt assessments and quizzes online prepared by experts. Track your progress with reports and reviews

Learning Made Easy

Connect with Brilliant Minds
Lightbulb Education is what every student needs and is truly the future. Students struggle with the traditional classroom setting, finding proper tutors and additional learning material to help them understand the work better. This platform is perfect for students as it online, easily accessible and interactive making the experience enjoyable.


What our students say

“Made the work easier to understand with the videos and images.”


“My marks improved drastically thanks to Lightbulb’s tutoring services”


“The assessments were really helpful in getting me to understand the work I was struggling with”


“Thank you Lightbulb Education sessions were very helpful!”


“The ability to reach a tutor and access to subject videos at any time really assisted me with getting to understand all the concepts better. Really good tutoring service”


“The Lightbulb App was very impressive and beneficial to work with”

S Mdlela